Not great 'for our age', just great.

When I saw Debbie McGee high-kicking – and more tellingly the reaction – I had the straight female equivalent of these thoughts! Thanks to my friend and ally Stella* for getting them to the blog immediately.

And yes – telling me I don’t look my age isn’t the point. I’m happy to look my age whatever that means…. it’s the same old thing, yes a bit closer to death – I’ve just hit my half century, a bit nearer the end of the race, but frankly we’ve still got so much to do and so much we can do. I don’t care if it makes me look twice my age as long as we’re getting it done. RMJ

*Stella Duffy is an ally of mine of 20 years standing and a core founding member of WEP and she was elected to the Steering Group of the party last year. Amongst many other things she co-directs Fun Palaces based from the Albany. Check her out.

Not Writing But Blogging

Yes, Debbie McGee’s high kick on Strictly was great. Yes, it’s brilliant that she is on the telly and doing and learning and showing.

But please, enough with the ‘for her age’.

Seriously?! She’s four years older than me and the same age as my wife. ALL the women I know my age are amazing. We are at the wrong end of boomer to have had the great jobs and the good pensions that some* of our friends ten years older than us have. We are a little younger than our feminist fore-sisters so that by the time the free love and Pill-eased sexuality came to us we were already contending with HIV and AIDS. As young gay and queer women we didn’t have the benefit of the more inclusive LGBTQ gains that have come to fruition in the past decade or so, many of us just missed the lesbian…

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