GOLDFISH BOWL: An interview with Illustrator Olivia Twist

I’ve pinned this before but I saw the show last night playing to a capacity house of young people and adults, this was the most vibrant I’ve seen Canada Water Culture Space. The show has such a big heart and isn’t afraid of hitting deep. The two performers are equally beguiling and as Olivia says here, her animations bring another dimension and root us entirely in the Peckham we know from
The 90s. I was very fortunate to see this show at the start and if you get the chance, you must.

The Albany, Deptford

kidsGoldfish Bowl is a collaboration between The Paper Birds theatre company and Caleb Femi. With live music from DJ / music producer Lex Amor and illustrations by Olivia Twist, Goldfish Bowl is based on the life & works of Young People’s Laureate Caleb Femi, and interrogates the many small, but defining moments that make up a life. It’s a thrilling combination of spoken word, theatre, music and breath-taking visuals. Find out more on our website here.

You’re creating the illustrations for Goldfish Bowl. How did you get involved with the project? 

Me, Caleb and Alexis are mates. We are part of the SXSWKS collective and we are all fans of each others work. Caleb brought me in. What’s better than working with you mates?

You’ve collaborated with Celeb Femi and Lex Amor before. How is this process similar / different to other projects you’ve worked together on? 

I guess…

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