I’m having a bit of a Covid throwback afternoon. in that I’m back in bed with Covid like symptoms (not a reinfection i hasten to add) and because I’m not quite as ill as before, I’m reading … clearly I’ve read this before because i liked it but I don’t remember – that’s Covid fog for you. Anyway ICYMI have a chew on this.

François Matarasso

The extraordinary situation in which humanity now stands has led many to question how we got here and what it says about our values and way of life. That discussion is happening in the established media, but also across the myriad platforms enabled by the Internet. One place I find particularly helpful in gaining perspective is From Poverty to Power, a curated blog about international development, but we all have our own reference points. That site is also a reminder that questions asked in the field of art and culture are being raised everywhere, albeit with different accents. Artists are often good dreamers though – it’s one reason this site is called ‘parliament of dreams’ – and many are applying themselves to imagining what comes next. I’ve been working with two such initiatives, one formal, the other just a gathering of friends. The ideas of both will be published…

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