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Hallo – thanks for looking in.

This is my personal blog with all of the different parts of my work in arts, and in national politics and community activism and in social care.

I do quite a few things, theatre-making, politics and currently learning to live with #LongCovid.

In 2021 I’m making a new show with Spare Tyre and representing the Women’s Equality Party in the Greater London Assembly elections in May. I’ll also slowly be creating new blogs here and rendering the best bits into sound files. (if you’re visually impaired you are fortunate for now that you don’t get all the dull and frankly misguided posts I’ve created til now).

My professional background lies in theatre and over the 20 plus years that I’ve made participatory productions and projects for people all over the country, I’ve increasingly been drawn to the political nature of theatre – who gets to get come and more importantly who gets to make it, what they want to say and why…

In May 2016, that interest in politics led to it finally getting personal. I was one of the inaugural London list of candidates for the Women’s Equality Party in the GLA elections. In October 2016 I stood in the Brockley council by-election as the first-ever local council candidate for the Women’s Equality Party. In 2017 I was elected as the Party’s spokesperson for Equality in Health. In 2018, 26.1% of voters in Ladywell ward voted for me in the council elections – an astounding result in our first ever campaign.

I have experience of being a family carer and none of what I am doing now would have happened if I hadn’t had those life-changing, hugely challenging and life-affirming experiences.

Fuelling my activism and my arts is my commitment to local communities, to equality, to feminism, to Europe, to the environment and to hearing and amplifying the unlikeliest of stories, created by people who don’t always get the invite to tell them.

My work is about changing that.

Updated 7 Jan 2021

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