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Just Jones &
“new is interesting is like being awake” (after Laurie Anderson)

What’s the story?

Just Jones & is the touring theatre company I founded in 2011 to work on ideas that wouldn’t leave me alone – big and little questions and challenges of our times.

We operated from The Wells Way Pop Up in the Old Library in Southwark between 2014-16, toured the South West in 2013 and made work in South London and Yorkshire. In 2018 I was invited to work on secondment at Oily Cart and that led me via a year caring for my father to the role of artistic directorship at Spare Tyre – which is where I hang out artistically these days.

I’ve moved the best of what we were up to at Just Jones & over here in case it’s useful to anyone. Just Jones & Spare Tyre are collaborating in 2021.

This page and the links are a work in progress. Most recent update January 2021

RMJ w Mr Ibsen
Picture shows me with my Ibsen scholarship in 2012

“Quote coming!”

Jane Doe


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