Dressed overall?

Flags are a serious and joyful business where I grew up. With a plethora of seafaring types both professional and amateur pretty much everyone round here speaks flag. Flags are flown in seasons of celebration and commemoration. I well remember my father and I dressing our house frontage overall with naval flags to celebrate the Silver Jubilee. (Back when we all cared) A passing cycling … Continue reading Dressed overall?

Things that are different when this girl cares for her Dad – an occasional series

I’m about to set up home with my Dad to become his primary carer. Although it’s sad that Dad is near the end of his days with us, we get on well – for the most part – and I’m looking forward to being with him. A month ago I didn’t really want to. I’ve done this before. With my Mother and it was as … Continue reading Things that are different when this girl cares for her Dad – an occasional series

Arts are on the list

#Feminists of #London – arts division – you note I have not specifically addressed this to the women – I have been selected by my peers in the The Women’s Equality Party London to be a candidate in the #GLA2020elections. This is just a little year away. For anyone who has ever made a show you know this isn’t a long time. I’m fourth in … Continue reading Arts are on the list

Right of Entry?

It’s not their fault I was burgled. It’s not their fault I’m in shock. But the company they work for could remember that a large part of their clientele are in this space. And they could do well to consider this in future. It doesn’t matter how good the work”man”ship is this time. If I ever need this kind of work again,  I’ll be looking elsewhere, until I see that they’ve taken my experience seriously. Continue reading Right of Entry?

WE have 2020 vision

Yesterday I was invited to the shortlist for the Women’s Equality Party list of candidates for the Greater London Assembly Election. Here’s what I said at the assessment session… Please join us as part of WEP – there’s no better time than now to make change. You can do that here https://www.womensequality.org.uk/join_to_vote Join by 30th March and voting closes 31st March (votes only for London members). … Continue reading WE have 2020 vision


The Women’s Equality Party second conference took place in from 7th – 9th September 2018. It was only my second political conference too. In 2016, on the day that all the motions were presented, I watched and learned how the process went ahead and left determined that an area that the party hadn’t yet focused on wouldn’t be overlooked next time – societal under-appreciation of … Continue reading From STEM to STEAM