Stepping up …. again

  In 2016 I attended my first-ever party political conference. The WEP’s first-ever conference. This was not a co-incidence. Party Conferences have always intrigued and repulsed me, and I had never really felt invited or included. WEP’s first-ever conference held shortly after the Brockley by-election, in which I stood as the first-ever WEP local council candidate – and in the same as year as I’d … Continue reading Stepping up …. again

FAQs on my council candidacy

“If I had to pick one pivotal moment for women in the last 100 years, I would pick right now. 2018 has the potential to be a landmark moment for women” Helen Pankhurst –Let’s prove her right. I’m standing to represent the residents of Ladywell on Lewisham Council for the Women’s Equality Party.  I’ve been campaigning since the end of February, mostly by working with a … Continue reading FAQs on my council candidacy

WE don’t want to wait another 100 years to see Equality

Yesterday Evening at the Amersham Arms, WEP Lewisham held a fundraiser to raise money for our Local Council election campaigns in Ladywell, Lewisham Central and Brockley.

Three brilliant comedians treated us to take their take on the world and we hugely grateful to Ada Campe for setting it up and to Rachel Creeger and New Cross’s own Thanyia Moore for appearing. fb header comedy night_edited-1

Always up for a challenge, I took the straight woman slot and introduced what our WEP Lewisham campaign is about. Here’s roughly what I said. Continue reading “WE don’t want to wait another 100 years to see Equality”

Women’s Equality Party announce candidates for Lewisham

In the centenary year of some UK women getting the vote, voters in Ladywell, Lewisham Central and Brockley wards have the chance to make history by giving one of their three votes on 3 May to the Women’s Equality Party, putting women’s and girls’ needs front and centre of council decisions.  
Continue reading Women’s Equality Party announce candidates for Lewisham

Not Being Me — Philip Green, Blogging & Writing.

This is the latest post by my friend who has been chronicling his dealings with the DWP . Philip is very frank and some of what he writes about can be distressing. I share with him the conviction that one of the few ways people in his situation have of tackling a system that no longer prioritises the welfare of the people it’s designed to … Continue reading Not Being Me — Philip Green, Blogging & Writing.