Diversity – WE’ll give you a DIVERSECITY

Aged 24 – 50+, from all points on  Greater London’s compass with at least 5 languages spoken and a list of skills and experience to make any cabinet blush, not to mention a whole panoply of brilliant women and men behind us, the Women’s Equality Party’s candidates for the London Assembly mean business.

wecandidates group

On Saturday 27th February, WE went on our first group canvas and were joined by other volunteers from all over London. It would be fair to say that WE were for the first time looking a bit nervous. Most of us had never done this before, a lot of us had not met our fellow canvassers before. WE had no idea how we would be received.

We needn’t have worried.  People were delighted to meet us. They were surprised, a little confused sometimes, but generally very pleased to meet people who care about this city of ours, who want to reclaim it for ordinary citizens and who are prepared to put their lives on hold to inject some sincerity and some humanity back into politics.

What I learned:

  • Most people don’t know when the London elections are or why they matter- they do now 5th May btw and last day for registration 18th April.
  • A new force in politics is definitely a good thing, a necessary thing – making a positive story is important
  • Politics can and should be about everyone

It really does start on the door steps.

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