We Will Be Happy Here - art in progress

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IMG_4855Works in progress, writing time, rehearsals and sharings are the powerhouse behind a lot of UK theatre/live performance and what makes it so very, very good and world renowned. Up and down the country, theatre-makers scurry round for the means and the space to try out and experiment in the theatrical equivalent of the inventor’s shed. Not everything works, not everything fits first time: it’s the accidents and discoveries which lead us to the bits that the audience needs to see.The next stage in the project development of Artist in a Happy City is the Work in Progress sharing.

Here we try out our first full draft and the improvised bits, including a supersize collage created by the public containing manifestos for the future. Following that we need to work with members of the public (planned for a workshop at the Arts Depot)  to explore the format for participatory activity and the characters further.

We are also working with leading Audio Describer, writer and puppet-maker, Eleanor Margolies on devising a pioneering scheme to make our interactive  truly accessible to all audiences whenever they want to come (not just on assisted performance night).

We are seeking partnership funding to make these plans a reality.

We are delighted to be supported in kind by both Arts Depot, Barnet and The Albany, Deptford for this work in progress and Arts Council England through the National Lottery.

Just Jones &  our friends are currently fundraising to support our next work in progess. And yet, because this is the bit the audience doesn’t see, WIP and workshops are very hard to finance. So yes, we’re asking for help …..

We need just £1000 before December 2016 to support the work in the community and to recruit a fundraiser to work on bids for the accessibility strands so that we can keep audiences at the centre of our work.  Please contact us if you can help: hallo@justjonestheatre.org.uk

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