She can’t keep quiet and we mustn’t either

I was asked to write this blog for Holler 4 the pop up choir I did a flash mob with last weekend. Find them here


On Saturday 8th April I did what I find myself increasingly doing these days, I left the sanctuary of my South East London garden, (the first really sunny Saturday of the year) and got on a tube to central London to sit in an underground room with a bunch of strangers. In the last two years I’ve become an activist and like many others, I’ve joined the world of politics [1] because not to do so doesn’t feel like an option any more. And every time I do it, I wonder why I didn’t do this before….

This time was a total joy. I signed up for a workshop followed by a flashmob performance of MILCK’s I Can’t Keep Quiet organized by HOLLER4 pop up choir as part of a day of action. About 40 women of all ages from children to women 70+ were there, feminists, singers, activists…

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