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After the Ouch of Feedback can come the Ooh! of next stage of thinking …

Battersea Arts Centre: Blog

This is a brief introduction I gave to the recent Creative Museums symposium at Battersea Arts Centre on 25th April…

…it’s about Scratch, being told your idea is rubbish and the emotional process of change…


Good morning.

I’m David and I work here at Battersea Arts Centre. Welcome to today’s event for Creative Museums.

On this site, 150 years ago, Jeannie Nassau Senior, our country’s female civil servant was inventing the idea of foster care.

In the Grand Hall, 110 years ago, suffragette Charlotte Despard, set out ideas to reform of our democracy.

In this Council Chamber 104 years ago, John Archer, London’s first Black Mayor was elected in a borough whose motto was, and is, Not For Me, Not For You, But For Us

It’s sometimes a bit awe-inspiring to think about the great changes that have been catalysed in these four walls, and consider how we measure…

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