Why does the world think Dance is less difficult than French?

The morning after a Governors’ meeting I’m still dealing with the implications of an educational metric that states as if it can be a proven fact that Dance is less difficult than French. Who says so? And how? Not a dancer and not a linguist I suspect:

How is writing an essay with your body –  quite possibly in collaboration with other people – and then sharing it publicly to an audience, less difficult than writing an essay in French?

Dance is a language like French. It is many languages or dialects, with accents and inflections like French.

It has rules and declensions, agreements and elisions – like French. It has eccentricities and exceptions like French. It has history and geniuses like French.

Expressing yourself in French is as much an art as it is in Dance.  And there are right and less-well accomplished ways to make your point in both.

Both are places for self-discovery, for communication and for breaking new ground.

For both, the will to communicate and the idea are essential starting places.

Do not tell me, then, that Dance should be considered to be less difficult than French.



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