Doing More

Often it feels like I’m

Clinging onto my arts career by my finger tips even after 20+ years. And yet still I feel an enormous sense of joy when I get to enter an arts building to be part of the community of arts leaders. I never knew this life could be possible for me, growing up away from a “cultural hub” with no industry connections and no private money to fund my early days.

Perhaps that’s why I’ll always feel that I’m hanging on, that I’ll remember my 14 year old self who can’t imagine ever meeting anyone like her in theatre, even though that’s all she ever wanted to do.

It’s definitely why I’ve been involved in broadening arts participation since I got a foot in the door, a place at a table, a voice on a panel.

We aren’t there yet, I mean arts isn’t there yet. The institutions aren’t good at inclusion. Too many of us (arts leaders) move too slowly.

There are people rightly telling us to get a move on. We can’t relax. Some of us (some more than others) need to get with the programme.

I got tired of attending meetings about how to fix inclusion and diversity. Unpaid. I started saying no. I’ve been doing it. I fixed my back yard. You fix yours.

But it’s still not fixed.

All of us can do more.

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