Arts are on the list

#Feminists of #London – arts division – you note I have not specifically addressed this to the women – I have been selected by my peers in the The Women’s Equality Party London to be a candidate in the #GLA2020elections. This is just a little year away. For anyone who has ever made a show you know this isn’t a long time. I’m fourth in our list – so getting a seat will be like getting a West End transfer, much talked about, very expensive and tricky. Nevertheless I have a space and a voice to talk about arts, culture and the inequalities that London’s women face in one of its biggest and most influential sectors for soft power which is hugely important for the London Mayor.

Over the next weeks and months I will be inviting you to speak to me of these things. I will be inviting you as artists, feminists, women, freelancers, abled-people and disabled people, artists from under-represented ethnicities and disadvantaged socio- economic backgrounds, LGBT+ feminists, parents, people trying to be parents, people worried about being safe getting home late, feminists worried about being safe from harassment at work or having progression routes blocked, people worried about not being able to continue their careers because – part-time and low pay…. unaffordable housing and feminists who have just found the arts world to be really effin’ hard if you’re female and just trying to do your work.

And also I want you to talk to me about our successes in equality and how we’ve brought them about. My candidacies are always about the positive change we can bring. So let’s bring that to the conversation. It  may be tough for me to get a seat but #WE have the numbers to get at least 2 so we can make this part of the conversation in the Mayor’s cultural team.

I will be asking you to send me articles and stuff. Because weirdly although everyone loves stories, they tend to believe a graph first.

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