All the resolve and none of the action?

I have always found New Year’s resolutions to be unproductive but cheating by starting early has helped a bit.

Last year I got going on to daily yoga on 23rd December which I believe helped in my father’s last days and in combatting what could have been a much worse acquaintance with my new companion and house guest #LongCovid

This year so far I have in mind

1) a January culture diary. A daily active engagement and doing of arts and culture. Not just sponging it up. Reading, gentle gardening, moving, writing, reciting, attending actively, making, painting, playing. To redevelop my powers of concentration which are sadly depleted due to Grief and COVID and I suspect a national malaise from to staring at screens.

2) less and better social media. I’m clearing old pages and redundant profiles. Good for me and good for the planet. Your digital footprint is carbon heavy.

2a) by better I mean that I’m returning to my first position on social media of combatting its slew of negativity.

Eg: Brexit is awful and I despair, but respair by moving into working out how we forge the world we want from the conditions we are in, and the tools available to us.

b) Armchair activism may be the best of what I can do this year 2021

in campaigning terms. I want to use my physical energy for fun and joy. So my online life needs to be better focused.


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