Sideways thought

Glimpsed side ways

Whilst listening to news

From the Capitol –
A Blackbird sitting in the myrtle
Tearing at berries
With an orange yellow beak.

The best sight I’ve seen all this bonkers January week.
I’m delighted to repay you
For all your songs
With some lunch.

There ought to
Follow here some pithy thought
About nature and politics
The seasons
Who is gifted knowledge or wisdom
The blackbird or me?
He dealing with an upset nature from his tree
Or me one ear on the US?

But no I’m just awake at 2am
Reading Vergil for the first Time
With COVID chillblained feet
And dark menopausal thoughts
For company
And it’s the blackbird and the berry that I can see
I feed the blackbird
And the blackbird feeds me.

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