On Energy

And we need to talk about energy
Brain energy
Heart energy
Heating and lighting
Passion to heat 60 kettles
The energy of invention

When to surge and
When to save
For the future

And the future generations

Maybe we’ve used
Our share
And it’s time
To power down
Or maybe
We can with skill
And wisdom
Manage to create with less
Fantastical miniaturists

Or maybe
We need to
stay warm
To be aflame
And maybe it’s ok
To say
I need to stay afire
And burn
Or shimmer
At least

Because because
A dull shine
Is just a hint
And implies
A sadness
A lack of self
That does
When so much
Else is missing

Energy that
Once seemed
Flows away
Like water
Into parched earth
And who catches it?
Hard to target
Where it will go
Who might notice

The creativity of a well made lunch
Is a work for one
A self-work
Maybe for two
A family even.

“I made you
A sandwich”
Has a whole new
calorific value
This Valentine’s.

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