On making theatre in a sea of change

This weekend in London an amazing array of free installations and outdoor events has been created by world-leading artists to commemorate the Great Fire of London. Giant tanks of water, massive domino runs, huge fire installations, a wonderful recreation in timber created by young people acquiring skills and improving life chances…. In amongst this a conversation about how this moment of fire and awful destruction  – which left … Continue reading On making theatre in a sea of change

Press & Quotes

You cannot help but feel involved – innovative adaptation a powerful production. Exeunt on An Enemy of the People There’s something exhilarating about the freedom with which Manson Jones operates. Playstosee.com on An Enemy of the People  “Just Jones & tackled these issues with verve and gusto, The public meeting scenario of the second half was a masterstroke.” Bristol Post  Rebecca Manson Jones takes a decisive … Continue reading Press & Quotes

Origins of A Happy City

We started talking about this show in 2010/11 and inbetween we have worked on many other projects and many crazy things of extreme cruelty and extreme generosity have occurred around the world. 

The project has evolved several times and since its start, one of us has had two children, one of us stood as a political candidate  and one of us has designed a timber oak ceiling which will outlive us all. Continue reading Origins of A Happy City

Designers are great – everyone should have several in their lives.

[ezcol_1third]   [/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end] “Whilst I was finishing the rehearsal draft of the script,  Jens Demant Cole started on set construction and progressed the scenic design elements simultaneously. A slightly unusual way of working but we’re not the RSC so we can. We are indebted to Oily Cart for the donation of an old set to weld it from. We’re all winners really as it’s … Continue reading Designers are great – everyone should have several in their lives.