On making theatre in a sea of change

This weekend in London an amazing array of free installations and outdoor events has been created by world-leading artists to commemorate the Great Fire of London. Giant tanks of water, massive domino runs, huge fire installations, a wonderful recreation in timber created by young people acquiring skills and improving life chances…. In amongst this a conversation about how this moment of fire and awful destruction  – which left … Continue reading On making theatre in a sea of change

Press & Quotes

You cannot help but feel involved – innovative adaptation a powerful production. Exeunt on An Enemy of the People There’s something exhilarating about the freedom with which Manson Jones operates. Playstosee.com on An Enemy of the People  “Just Jones & tackled these issues with verve and gusto, The public meeting scenario of the second half was a masterstroke.” Bristol Post  Rebecca Manson Jones takes a decisive … Continue reading Press & Quotes

Provocation for Theatre 2016 conference

I was invited to give this provocation at the #Theatre2016 conference at the Arts Theatre in London on Thursday 12th May at the beginning of the session chaired by David Edgar. I had three minutes so you can read this at a gallop! “How can theatre play a more prominent role in key issues of national and international debate?” In 2012 I was invited to … Continue reading Provocation for Theatre 2016 conference

April 2016 Artist in the Happy City – writing time

Delighted to report that we dragged David Lane out of his beloved Bristol to get some quality writing time at King’s College. The next iteration of Artist in the Happy City is taking shape. Writing in coalition as we are is proving quite a challenge.  We’re very much enjoying bending our heads round how our brains have so much in common but arrive at our … Continue reading April 2016 Artist in the Happy City – writing time

Political Engagement and Audience Development

News: New is interesting is like being awake Our Artistic Director, Rebecca Manson Jones, has taken on a new challenge for 2016. As of Wednesday 3rd February, Rebecca is on the London-wide List for the Greater London Assembly representing the Women’s Equality Party.*  You can follow her journey on her blog. *other political parties and candidates are available. Read Rebecca’s blog post about the cross overs between political … Continue reading Political Engagement and Audience Development

The Wells Way Pop Up project finished 31st March 2016. 

Having had a brilliant and bright 15 months curating this beautiful and inspiring building and community, we handed the keys back to Southwark Council so that we can focus this year on our next major tour. We wish our successors luck and joy, and look forward to seeing what happens next.  Read Rebecca’s blog from Arts Professional   Continue reading The Wells Way Pop Up project finished 31st March 2016. 

Why does [insert name of famous actress] keep her grey hair in a bag?


This conversation started between two people and eventually the whole room was kind enough to join. It’s rather longer than most blog posts….

I’m not sure if we said or learned anything that isn’t in another report in open space somewhere else. However open spacers know that Sometimes a thing needs saying many times until someone steps forward with an action …. To break the cycle. Please….feel free.

A few points of info for context.

I’m 48, I’m female, a theatre-maker and I have taken a conscious decision to be grey-haired. I’m campaigning for the Women’s Equality Party in the London Elections so I’m not in a neutral space about this issue. I declare my interest 😉

I’d just come from a morning surrounded by mostly younger women and had forgotten until I arrived at the D&D and was suddenly conscious of how my legs and hips were tired, after hours of walking and canvassing, that I was the twice the age of the women I’d been working with.

I remembered that my hair was grey. I became 48 again.Whatever that means.

  • Women
  • Theatre
  • Ageing….

I remembered that in a theatre green room, I once had a long conversation with a famous and incredible actress with a long history of writing and producing – about the grey moment. And that became my question to this group.

Despite being a Dame, and a household name, a trail blazer in TV, this actor kept her own grey-haired wig in a bag in her handbag and sported a dyed head of hair. It was a survival strategy and everyone (by which she meant all the female actors she knew of her generation) needed and deployed it. It came up again at a model box showing on another production with another woman of similar national treasure status. Continue reading “Why does [insert name of famous actress] keep her grey hair in a bag?”