WE don’t want to wait another 100 years to see Equality

Yesterday Evening at the Amersham Arms, WEP Lewisham held a fundraiser to raise money for our Local Council election campaigns in Ladywell, Lewisham Central and Brockley.

Three brilliant comedians treated us to take their take on the world and we hugely grateful to Ada Campe for setting it up and to Rachel Creeger and New Cross’s own Thanyia Moore for appearing. fb header comedy night_edited-1

Always up for a challenge, I took the straight woman slot and introduced what our WEP Lewisham campaign is about. Here’s roughly what I said. Continue reading “WE don’t want to wait another 100 years to see Equality”

The Politics of Infertility

On Thursday 1st November 2017, I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Fertility Network UK event Politics in Fertility hosted by Paula Sheriff MP at the House of Commons. You can read what I said here.

It was most valuable for me as an opportunity to hear the myths around fertility and IVF treatments debunked. It won’t surprise you to learn of course that a lot of the problems associated with lack of access to treatments would be markedly improved with a prescription of “common sense”, better communication and a societal shift in attitude to infertility – understanding it as a disease and not a lifestyle choice.

Here’s some of what I learned (and said): Continue reading “The Politics of Infertility”

Deep feminism, debating and local Government

After a great Easter break visiting family in Yorkshire –  a break in which I’d turned all social media off and enjoyed the natural equality that my (secular – that’s me) god-daughter claims with her older brothers: for her toys are just toys and a tractor is as good as a pram, despite her middle brother’s attempts to “correct” her  – I was prepping for a meeting at the invitation of the Lewisham Council  to give evidence to their committee on Barriers to Entering Politics. This was quite an extraordinary day for us in the Women’s Equality Party Lewisham – to be included in such an event alongside representatives from the Fawcett Society shows that we are being taken seriously.  It turned out to be an extraordinary day for everyone in the UK because it was also the day that Snap General Election was called.

Continue reading “Deep feminism, debating and local Government”

WEP calls out government’s double standards on sexual and reproductive health rights

Until full access to sexual and reproductive health rights is a reality for women in every nation of the UK, there will be a glaring double standard in our government’s approach. Whilst we welcome unreservedly the UK’s leadership on family planning on the world stage, it is vital that these same politicians do not abandon their commitments to uphold the human rights of women on these shores. Continue reading WEP calls out government’s double standards on sexual and reproductive health rights

Equal Pay means Equal Pension…?

The Women’s Equality Party is the only party with a joined-up plan for tackling the pension gap. “We are working to create an equal education system that ends the practice of encouraging young girls into jobs that we value and pay less. We have fully-costed policies for free childcare that would create millions more jobs, increase the tax base and reduce out-of-work benefits.  We are the only party working to offer women real choices so they can work and save.” Continue reading Equal Pay means Equal Pension…?

WEP Lewisham July Branch meeting & branch officer elections

The WEP Lewisham team hope all local members and supporters will join us for our Branch meeting on 27th July 2017, starting at 7pm at the Talent Factory.  This Branch meeting will have an exciting agenda, including: Feedback on the General Election experience, Lewisham members were the most active of any non-campaign-based branch Plans for campaigns and policy workshops in the autumn Updates on events … Continue reading WEP Lewisham July Branch meeting & branch officer elections