An Enemy of the People – and the Doctor’s a woman!


Sarah Malin as Dr Stockmann, An Enemy of the People
Sarah Malin as Dr Stockmann, 

An Enemy of the People

RMJ w Mr Ibsen
Ibsen Scholarship

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It all happened by accident, as these things tend to do, in a chance conversation with an actor, a woman approaching her 50th Birthday. We were talking about who gets listened to and why. How forthright and confident women are received still by our peers.

It was one of those “I know” moments which turned into a project and prompted me to revisit in every sense the landscape and the nature of the town where I grew up,

Which in turn flipped my head about many, many things.

Which made me create a company.

Which won a bursary.

Which became a charity.

Which we hope will enable us to share our questions on a tour of the South West.

If Doctor Stockmann is a woman what else changes?

Who are we?

Where are we?

What’s important to the characters now?

The first task was to map the characters…

We’re half through a long and curious adventure to find out what happens to a community faced with life-changing dilemmas.  The actors here are the actors who worked in the R&D with me in R&D : Sarah Malin, Rupert Holliday Evans, Debbie Korley, Bryn Holding, Matt Ray Brown, Lawrence Stubbings, Pauline Menear. Also thanks to Lara Rossi and Andrew Gourlay, Angela Clerkin and Andrew Frame who have helped out with readings.

Bryn Holding and I are currently preparing a 5-day workshop at the Oslo Skuespillersenter in April 2013


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