Just Jones & awarded international scholarship – so excited!

RMJ w Mr Ibsen
Ibsen Scholarship

September 2012 – Just Jones & is delighted that we have been awarded one of four international scholarships by the Ibsen Scholarship 2012 for our innovative approach to staging Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People aka A Do-Gooder. We are the first UK winners of this prestigious award, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Council of Skien, Ibsen’s home town. The scholarship was created in the centenary year of Norway.

Artistic Director, Rebecca Manson Jones, who conceived and wrote the adaptation said: “This is a huge vindication of a risky and exciting idea and an unequalled boost of confidence in everything that Just Jones & is attempting in our work. Not only have the Norwegians embraced the gender-swapping of the central role, they are excited by us reinventing a whole new alternative ending, the involvement of local residents in the show and its interactivity. We are now able to approach venues and matching funders to make our vision a reality.”

Check out the other winners on www.ibsenawards.com and how to apply for yours in 2013.

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