New Year, Old Politics

i woke up this morning to hear an MP declaring the end of the new politics. is it? it was interesting whilst it lasted.

or is it just a bit of politico-hyperbole?

then again, what is the point of keeping enemies close when you’ve publicly announced that you’ve given them a muzzle?

i’m writing a new script with a co-writer. We are sometimes overtaken by events… such as this current shuffled reshuffle.

we’re exploring coalition and collaboration actively in the script and as we work.

We have no idea whether it will work (script / collaboration) – but of course, because of the culture in which we operate, we have to express confidence that it will – and otherwise why start?

we are dancing on an artistic tightrope – exploring how people govern others and how we govern ourselves. it’s very exciting…

more prosaically – today i shall be writing to a funder’s deadline – competing with a range of projects, some already really well-supported, some like mine, hanging on by our finger tips…. existing on a dream….

and tonight we pack up our shrine to the lord of misrule. a total heathen, i think my christmas tree is probably the most sacred object i ever possess, even if only for a short time.

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