Rebecca Manson JonesSo here it is….

So here it is then – Are you feeling it?
The way the world has shifted just ever so slightly?
Can you feel it? That tiny little shift?

Maybe it’s me or maybe the balance has shifted ever such a tiny little bit….. world slightly more at ease with itself?-

Oh – of course, the announcement of the Women’s Equality Party selection candidates for the London Assembly…. and the 45,000 members –  already voting for a better balance of power and influence across our entire society.

Feels a bit different already.

You can help with the equilibrium of our political map – and if you do it before 28th January (and you live in London) you can come and meet the amazing women (and me!) who are standing for selection in the London Assembly elections on Tuesday 26th January

I’m proud to be in such company. View my page here

You can change the political equilibrium by joining  – Join here and consider standing in your area when it’s your turn.

If you live in London and join before 28th January 2016, you can vote for who you think should represent Londoners. If you like, you can come along to the hustings (a forum for meeting the candidates and asking questions) and support us, as we take our first steps in this unique campaign.

Hustings evening Tuesday 26 Jan 6.30-8.30

And obvs – if you join and think I’d be the right person to represent WE you can vote for me before 5pm on Thursday 28th January 2016.

Because WE is better for every Londoner.