Not Being Me — Philip Green, Blogging & Writing.

This is the latest post by my friend who has been chronicling his dealings with the DWP . Philip is very frank and some of what he writes about can be distressing.

I share with him the conviction that one of the few ways people in his situation have of tackling a system that no longer prioritises the welfare of the people it’s designed to serve, is to share personal experience with people who never need to engage with the system.

I’ve learned a lot from Philip.

And I’d only add that whilst the policies of this government make his current situation dire, it is also the responsibility of the people who physically attacked him in less liberal times. Which is why we all need to remain watchful and challenge hate speak wherever we hear or see it.

This is a system where the government has made mistrust the key driver, where disabled people are the scapegoats for austerity and those who know the people best – their carers, nurses, GPs and consultants, fully qualified and trusted professionals – are ignored, and outsourced agencies such as Capita and G4 provide “health professionals” who are entrusted with deciding the disability and its effects on people they have never met before.

via Not Being Me — Philip Green, Blogging & Writing.

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