WE need to talk about the Bakerloo Line

The Bakerloo Line Extension will see new stations at New Cross Gate and Lewisham and it will also require shafts off Lewisham Way and a proposal for a site in Wearside Road in Ladywell.

It will be a great benefit to the local community, for journeys to the centre of town and also bringing people to us. It will add great possibilities to our cultural scene and nightlife. 2029 can’t come soon enough from that point of view.

The Lewisham Way site will have temporary implications for the businesses operating there (and local employment) and the Wearside Road site will cause increased HGV traffic and potentially delay the plans for new housing.

The construction of the New Cross Gate station will – it is claimed – impact the New Cross Sainsburys.

I’ve read quite a lot of the associated literature published by TfL and the reports from Lewisham Council and we are concerned that they do not examine the implications for women. In particular, we are concerned about the potential environmental impacts in Ladywell – which is already over-congested – during the construction phase will have a detrimental effect. Affordable, reliable and improved transport links are welcomed by the Women’s Equality Party but we need to ensure that we are not, yet again, invisible in the decision-making of major infrastructure projects and forced to live with unintentional consequences of planning processes which do not take into account half the population.

The Lewisham Council plan of which this will form a major part along with plans for Lewisham Town Centre is due for adoption in 2020. Elect a Women’s Equality Party Councillor to ensure that our voices are clearly heard within it.

There is a public meeting on Monday 26th March hosted by Transport for London
at: New Cross Learning
on: Monday 26th March
from: 6.00pm – 7.00pm
for updates, presentations by TfL & a chance to ask questions.

Representatives from Women’s Equality Party Lewisham will be going and we want to hear Ladywell residents’ thoughts in particular about the plans for the Wearside Road site.
Please join us at the meeting and contact us to let us know your thoughts.


Links to pages and articles:

TfL’s introduction to the Bakerloo Line Extension



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