The Women’s Equality Party second conference took place in from 7th – 9th September 2018. It was only my second political conference too. In 2016, on the day that all the motions were presented, I watched and learned how the process went ahead and left determined that an area that the party hadn’t yet focused on wouldn’t be overlooked next time – societal under-appreciation of … Continue reading From STEM to STEAM

FAQs on my council candidacy

“If I had to pick one pivotal moment for women in the last 100 years, I would pick right now. 2018 has the potential to be a landmark moment for women” Helen Pankhurst –Let’s prove her right. I’m standing to represent the residents of Ladywell on Lewisham Council for the Women’s Equality Party.  I’ve been campaigning since the end of February, mostly by working with a … Continue reading FAQs on my council candidacy

On paying it forward, mentoring and January

Another January Monday, another request to help give someone a leg up into arts. I am very lucky. My 18 year old self does not know that such a person as I can exist. Much less that I’ll get to be her. This very afternoon I have booked three theatre tickets to three shows all of which I know the origin of, all of which … Continue reading On paying it forward, mentoring and January

The Politics of Infertility

On Thursday 1st November 2017, I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Fertility Network UK event Politics in Fertility hosted by Paula Sheriff MP at the House of Commons. You can read what I said here.

It was most valuable for me as an opportunity to hear the myths around fertility and IVF treatments debunked. It won’t surprise you to learn of course that a lot of the problems associated with lack of access to treatments would be markedly improved with a prescription of “common sense”, better communication and a societal shift in attitude to infertility – understanding it as a disease and not a lifestyle choice.

Here’s some of what I learned (and said): Continue reading “The Politics of Infertility”

Universal credit "may" have been a good idea but it's a credit to no-one

Liz Truss doesn’t appear to know that Job Centres don’t act as advice centres on benefits. She appears to have some misty-eyed vision of a UK where you can pop to your local job centre – a bit like popping to the post office or the GP- err,… no wait –  where a friendly and unhurried public servant will slowly and carefully take you through the process. Continue reading Universal credit "may" have been a good idea but it's a credit to no-one

Enter A Performer onto a level playing space

As we head in earnest into creating We Will Be Happy Here, Just Jones & is excited about opening our process up into a new way of working. Now that we’re doing it, it is of course startlingly obvious but as a small company living in an ableist society, we hold our hands up. We haven’t yet engaged people with physical or sensory disabilities to … Continue reading Enter A Performer onto a level playing space

Lysistrata – A break from canvassing and …. a reason to inspire us to do it.

The geek in me loves that it’s performed in ancient greek with English subtitles. Most of us won’t understand the words but through the music in the language, you can hear the women calling us from across the centuries and cheering us on. For me, she’s telling us both that there is no time like the present and that all times are like the present – until the women change them. Continue reading Lysistrata – A break from canvassing and …. a reason to inspire us to do it.