Have your say about women in Lewisham politics….

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WE need your help – 10 -20 minutes should do it and it can be done at home for free without placards or a pussy hat! What’s not to like – strike a blow for equality and still have time to do an egg hunt.
Please fill in our short survey here.

Why another survey?
The Women’s Equality Party – Lewisham Branch, has been invited by Lewisham Council to give evidence at their next Barriers to Politics Working Group hearing on 18th April 2017.
WEP Central Office have asked Madeline Petrillo (Branch Leader) and Rebecca Manson Jones (local candidate) to speak. The theme of the evening is Gender, Age and Caring Responsibilities and we are very pleased to have been given 10 minutes. WE need your help. It won’t take long we can only afford 10 questions! Don’t think us rude we haven’t asked for names because that’s 2 questions already. If you want to tell us more please email us weplewisham@gmail.com
You may already have contributed to the Fawcett Society’s survey on women on politics which is currently circulating. If not, please do.
This opportunity is an added bonus – the chance to explore the situation in the local context. This information will be valuable to us as a Branch and for the Party, so we’d really appreciate you taking the time before next Tuesday 18th April, to fill in the few questions we have. Feel free to pass this to non-members (as long you as you ask them to join as well). JOIN WE
We’ll let you know how we get on.
Madeline and Rebecca
WEP Lewisham



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